Angella King (new art at Bandidas)

The paintings of Angella King are bringing so much life to our walls this month. She’s an East Van acrylic painter who focuses on abstract paintings, commissioned pet portraits and a touch of collage. Check out her show at Bandidas from now until June 22nd.

Angella King is an abstract painter, 3D VFX artist & Animator, as well as a Pet Portrait Artist, and is residing in East Vancouver, Canada. This series was made using mixed media and acrylics to create abstract expressionist paintings that flow from an intuitive place of border-less meditative visions. Angella is motivated by space and human multi-planetary exploration, journeys in to the human psyche, artificial intelligence and the possibility of machine awareness. Her work also looks at exploring internal head space: landscapes, underwater, galactic visions. Her paintings are meant to induce bliss and solitude through uplifting color and form; escapism from external stress factors and the constant negativity of the news media that surrounds us.

All her work is available for purchase by emailing:

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