3rd Annual Earth Day Fundraiser & Student Art Show

To celebrate Earth Day, Bandidas is hosting a community fundraiser, student art show, and sidewalk festival, in support of RAVEN Trust’s Heiltsuk Campaign.


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$3947 Raised on International Women's Day

Thanks to everyone who came out to Bandidas on International Women’s Day--the lines were long and you were so very gracious! On March 8th, we donated 100% of our profits (+ additional customer donations and sponsorship from event partners) to various local and national organizations which serve women*.

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Announcing: 2nd Annual International Women’s Day Fundraiser & Art Show

Last year’s International Women’s Day saw our first fundraising event to mark this day. This year’s event will build on the model from last year, but will include even more female artistic voices!

As a thriving female-owned business, it’s important for us to participate in a meaningful way in the International Women’s Day effort.

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Shane Kalyn (New art at Bandidas)

Foxes, bears, birds, mountains. Shane Kalyn first showed his work here at Bandidas back in 2015, and we’re so happy to have his wildlife photography back on our walls.
Since he was here last, Shane has teamed up with The Canid Project (thecanidproject.com), a small animal welfare non-profit and will be co-leading canid-based conservation photography workshops starting in the summer of 2019.

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"Rorschach Fruit" Tee in support of DEWC

Another t-shirt just arrived at Bandidas, and some actual Bandidas food went into the making on this t-shirt. Designed by Steph Gwynne, this new print is called “Rorschach Fruit". Steph explains, “it’s a play on the Rorschach inkblot tests. I actually used the vegetables/fruits to make the print print, cutting them in half and pressing them into the ink.

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Dana VanVeller
$6703 raised on National Indigenous Peoples Day

We’ve wrapped up another successful fundraising day at Bandidas--our first fundraiser marking National Indigenous Peoples Day--and we’ll continue to raise funds for the next month. We believe that any valuable effort for environmental protection must include meaningful dialogue with and leadership from indigenous peoples.

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National Indigenous Peoples Day Art Show

The art show for this event features Cody Lecoy, a local artist of Okanagan and Esquimalt ancestry. His work can currently be found all across our north wall, and the pieces are priced individually. Inquire at codyplecoy@gmail.com about prices.

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National Indigenous Peoples Day Fundraiser & Art Show

We've wanted to mark NIPD at Bandidas for many years, but have struggled with how best to execute an event. As white business owners, we’ve often felt unsure of how to be effective allies, and the desire to do things perfectly can often keep us from acting.

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$6866 Raised on Earth Day 2018

Earth Day (April 22nd) 2018 was our most successful fundraiser yet! Thanks to everyone who came to eat that day, and to the many of you who donated beyond your bill amount--we almost doubled what we raised last year!

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Earth Day 2018 Student Art Show

Alongside our Earth Day Fundraiser (April 22nd), we've hung over 200 pieces of student art work. When taking action on Earth Day, it's important to us to consider youth voices. It's the younger generation who we are responsible to, and it is they who will ultimately be handed the continued work of environmental conservation and restoration. We believe it's important to engage these youth voices, and are blown away by what the colourful and insightful collection these students have created. 

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$3,625 raised on International Women’s Day

Thanks to everyone who came out to eat at Bandidas and support the fundraising effort on International Women’s Day! On March 8th, we donated 100% of our profits to various local and national organizations which serve women (we use an inclusive definition of the term “women”). We asked our customers and community to vote for how they’d like to see the funds distributed.

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