Price Increase & Some exciting New Menu Items


As of June 26th some of our prices will be going up. Please know that we do not raise our prices without serious consideration -- affordability is a core value of our business. We know that access to affordable and healthy food increases individual and community well-being. When people can afford to feed themselves well, they have more capacity to invest in their own lives as well as more capacity to contribute to the city and community in a positive way. 

There are a few reasons why we are raising our prices. The most obvious is the rising cost of produce. Another reason is our commitment to paying fair wages, offering our employees extended health benefits, and funding for their professional development. We have always paid our employees higher than average wages because we know that it is important for community and individual well-being that workers are fairly paid. Bandidas will increase wages in order to accommodate the provinces’ new minimum wage and also give senior staff, who are currently paid above the current minimums, a raise as well. We are excited about B.C’s move to increase minimum wage for employees across the province and we are grateful to you, our guests. Your ongoing patronage allows us to offer a healthy work environment. 

We are also excited to welcome three new menu items! 

The Spicy Winston

We make the Spicy Winston with cashew queso, spicy walnuts, lentils, and corn, and serve it with salsa verde and vegan sour cream. We named the Spicy Winston for the dog of our Culture Manager, Jill’s, father. Winston is a bad-natured, loud, wiry haired Jack Russell Terrier and a beloved pet. Jill says “We got Winston when I was in the eighth grade, and he’s been barking and snapping ever since -- he’s spicy! My dad acts like he’s a precious little baby, and Winston acts like it with my dad too”.

Winston at the beach (being nice).

Winston at the beach (being nice).

Felix Jasper

We’re so excited about the lentil walnut mix that we’ve made a burrito out of it -- the Felix Jasper -- named for the amazingly adorable son of our kitchen manager, Jeff. We make the Felix Jasper with lentil walnut mix, cashew queso, fresh salsa, lettuce, and vegan sour. 


Finally, we are introducing the Frank, a simple and affordable burrito named for the Grandfather of one of our long time servers, Kat. Frank is a kind, silly and patient man hailing from Malta. There, he learned to swim in the Mediterranean with a knife tied to his ankle in case of shark attacks. He taught Kat to build bird houses and go fishing, and he can whistle literally any Celine Dion song on command. We make the Frank with pinto beans, cabbage, roasted salsa, vegan sour and avocado lime sauce. Yum.