Announcing: 2nd Annual International Women’s Day Fundraiser & Art Show



Last year’s International Women’s Day saw our first fundraising event marking this day. This year’s event will build on the model from last year, but will include even more female artistic voices!

As a thriving female-owned business, it’s important for us to participate in a meaningful way in the International Women’s Day effort. By empowering  women* we can begin to cultivate a culture of equality that benefits the whole community. We value the unique contributions of women, and we stand for the amplification of these important voices in our society


Our IWD image was created by Stephanie Gwynne, and sets the tone for our yearly event. Much of the focus on IWD is centred on fighting for political rights, establishing gender parity, and empowering women. These are all great and necessary, but we also wanted to celebrate the quieter moments, too. We love that this image depicts two people existing within a moment of friendship or partnership, a safe space where so many women find peace, community, and the strength to keep working for change. These moments are radical acts in their own right.

This image, “Relationship Goals”, is also featured on a tote bag available at Bandidas or from our online store. The totes are $20, and $5 from every purchase goes to support Qmunity.

FUNDRAISER - March 8th, 2019

Bandidas will donate 100% of the profits from the sale of food and drinks (+ any additional business sponsorship) on March 8th to a variety of local organizations which serve women. Based on a community vote, we will donate proportionately to the following organizations: WAVAW, Downtown Eastside Women’s Centre, Canadian Council of Muslim Women, Native Women’s Association of Canada, Girls Rock Camp, East Van Roasters, Pads4Girls, and WISH Drop-In Centre Society.


On March 8th, we’ll also launch an art show that deals with feminist themes. The show will run until mid-April, and a variety of artists will participate (including Jill Corbett, Shoko Sonoda, Haley Perry, Caitlin Ffrench, Stephanie Hunter, Rebecca Poulin, and Beth Stewart. Proceeds from all art sales will go to each individual artist.

Blues/rock musician Caroline Allatt will be playing from 9pm until 10pm.

To get in touch for ideas, sponsorship or anything else, please contact Dana at

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****We're aware the term "women" can feel exclusive to many people who may not identify as female, but who are also affected by the IWD movement. Non-binary and binary trans folks: we hope you feel safe here, and we welcome you into this dialogue.