Donation to RAVEN Trust's "Tar Sands Trial" Campaign

Donation to RAVEN Trust's "Tar Sands Trial" Campaign

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Bandidas has partnered with RAVEN Trust to raise funds for indigenous-led environmental protection.

Add a donation to RAVEN’s “Tar Sands Trial” campaign to help the Beaver Lake Cree Nation take on the tar sands, Canada’s fastest growing source of climate pollution. Pair with a Bandidas gift certificate, tote bag, or t-shirt for a gift that contributes to environmental protection.

The card features art made in collaboration with the Beaver Lake Cree: the woman/protector image and animal drawings come from Evan Cardinal, the beadwork is from a pair of moccasins made by Crystal Lameman’s mother, and the lines were made by an indigenous Cree artist, Liane Charlie.

100% of the amount donated will be sent to RAVEN Trust for this campaign.

Please allow 10 business days for the card to ship // Shipping is only available within Canada at this time // If you have any questions, feel free to contact us

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