Diana Victoria Newman (New Art at Bandidas)

“ Art speaks to me, as well as for me”

Diana Victoria Newman is a Vancouver born Artist and Expressive Arts Therapist.

After Diana discovered that her artwork held deep truthful insights into her reality and helped to awaken, heal, inspire & liberate her, she was inspired to let the art lead the way. 

Today she continues on a path of self-expression and development through the energy of creating intuitive paintings & poetry.

The more Diana artistically creates spontaneously the more she learns to follow her heart and be honest, and allow things to unfold naturally and be. And as a vessel for the creative spirit to speak, she wishes that her artwork helps to heighten her viewer’s sensitivities to honest & colourful being and dreaming. 

Diana’s art is showing is Bandidas until Septmeber 26th.

Website: www.dvnewman.com

IG & FB: @dianavictorianewman

Email: dvnewmanart@gmail.com