Global Climate Strike

We will be closing our doors all day on Friday the 27th to stand in solidarity with young people around the world who are calling for immediate action in the face of the global climate emergency. If you are able, it would be extremely significant to join us on the 27th from 1pm-5pm in front of Vancouver City Hall.

The Global Climate Strike has its roots in 2018 when Greta Thunberg, a high school student from Sweden, started skipping school every Friday to stand outside of Sweden’s Parliament calling for immediate action from all levels of government in response to climate change. Since then, the movement has expanded. As many students continue their regular action of striking from school, they are calling on adults to join them for a week of concentrated action from September 20th - 27th. Lead by young people and joined by teachers, parents, business owners and workers across the globe, we have committed to disrupting “business as usual” with the hope of bringing those people still sitting on the side lines into the environmental movement: working towards environmental justice and a future for us all.

If you’re interested in learning more about this movement and the events that are happening in Vancouver during the climate action week, check out Sustainabiliteens Vancouver and Climate Strike Canada. Also, we’re encouraged to wear a green circle for the week of Sept 20th - 27th to indicated our support for the environmental movement and the strikers in particular. The green circle began in Quebec during the 2008 election as a way of showing support for environmental initiatives, and the symbol as been adopted by the climate strikers. See you out there!