Staff Art Show 2.0


We are stoked to present this art show from our very own Bandidas family—some past and current staff artists.

This show was posted as a part of our 10th anniversary celebration, and will hang until March 7th.



"I am easily fascinated by shape, colour, line and texture and their relationship to one another in composition. I generally follow the concept of ecofeminism and the idea that feminist theory and holistic knowledge can correct the harmful split between nature and culture caused by the patriarchy and capitalism. In my process, I explore various mediums with a loose idea and expand my artwork based on a conversation between abstract elements and often realistic depictions of natural processes. In my art practice, I play with intuition, spontaneity, and calculation. I set up limitations at the beginning of each painting, such as colour or medium, but have no preconceived idea of the finished result of the artwork. I allow for the viewer to interpret their own subjectivity through the combination of various imagery, colour palettes, patterns and texture." 


Instagram: @supersein7

Jesse Ross is a local visual artist. A saying about the reaching mind says that it is like "a mosquito trying to pierce an iron ox". We know the mosquito will not succeed just as we understand that external responses cannot fully satisfy our fundamental questions about life and yet we persist in asking. Jesse uses drawing to offer himself space to sit and work calmly with questions as they arise. He is currently exploring the deep awareness brought to bear by the contour drawing process in which the artist simultaneously follows the surface of the subject with both their eye-line and drawing tool. 


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"I think of my paintings as objects that represent my experience with the materials. Neither the shapes nor the colours are planned, I instead allow the paintings to develop into what feels and looks right in that moment. Rarely does my work require more than one or two sessions to complete.

 My main focus is on the materials themselves, and how they manifest into finished work through my choices and my movements. I enjoy colours and textures and experimenting with layering drawings and oil paint, as well as different oil paint mediums such as cold wax and glosses.

 I graduated with a BFA from Concordia University in 2016. I have shown my work at the VAV Gallery, Thomson House, and Centaur Theater."

Jess Trestain

Title: The Landing, 3’x 3’, Acrylic on wood

Title: The Landing, 3’x 3’, Acrylic on wood
Price negotiable

From the Artist: "Living in Vancouver Canada but I am originally from Sydney, Australia. I have a Diploma of Fine Arts and a Bachelor of Art Education from Sydney College Of Fine Arts, UNSW with a drawing and painting major.

When I was a little, I would constantly trace the outline of everything in my mind. The whole world could be broken down into shapes, shades, and more than anything else: lines. A forever animated sketch of linear perspectives.

When I was older I went to Art School, where I was encouraged to paint. It was then that drawing became a way to probe, and inform my painting rather than just a way to understand my surroundings. My love for lines morphed into an exploration of tone and colour with my new desire to paint.

As my artistic journey advances, I am always learning more about the process of creating its effect on my style and inevitably my path. Artistic processes in all forms whether I am teaching, curating, or in my studio inform my practice. This concurrent relationship is forever propelling forward and taking me with it."



Instagram: @hollisnelson86

From the artist: “Hollis Nelson was born on unceded Coast Salish territories to working class parents of mixed European descent. Hollis was schooled from home and raised on a strict vegetarian diet. Her family followed a Sikh spiritual leader and her early years were spent practicing yoga and meditation. She obtained her Fine Arts Diploma from Langara College in 2009 and graduated with her Bachelor of Fine Arts from Emily Carr University in 2013. Hollis paints with acrylics, working on recycled material, clothing and fabric, as well as large scale canvas. Her art practice is informed by this mixed upbringing and engages with place and identity.” 

BRaden Snelling




Screen Shot 2019-02-13 at 10.58.40 AM.png

Three piece dark witch rock

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