$6703 raised on National Indigenous Peoples Day


***Post updated August 2018

We’ve wrapped up a successful fundraising month at Bandidas--our first fundraiser marking National Indigenous Peoples Day. We believe that any valuable effort for environmental protection must include meaningful dialogue with and leadership from indigenous peoples. We want our work on NIPD (and everyday) to support this. Thanks to everyone who came to eat at Bandidas that day, and to the many of you who donated beyond your bill amount throughout the month.

Here is an updated breakdown of where all the funds came from on June 21st and throughout the month of July, and how they’ll be distributed:


That all adds up to $6703.75!

If you couldn’t make it to the restaurant on June 21st, you can still donate through either of our RAVEN team pages to get a tax receipt: Heiltsuk & Pull Together. Our 2018 fundraising goal is $10,000 for each campaign, and we’re blown away to see that we’ve already reached this for the Heiltsuk campaign (they still need the funds, so feel free to donate even though we’ve reached our goal. Thank you to all who’ve donated so far--we can’t believe the progress we’ve made together.

Thanks to our partnering artists and businesses:

  • To Cody Lecoy, our featured NIPD artist, who generously donation a piece for silent auction, and provided the bulk of the NIPD art show.
  • To Fanny Aishaa, for providing art prints by donation to RAVEN Trust
  • To Tanya P. Johnson for her lino- and wood-cut prints that were up for silent auction (proceeds went to RAVEN Trust)
  • To Earnest Ice Cream, for making incredible ice cream and for providing gift cards as an incentive for donating.
  • To RAVEN Trust for providing art cards as a bonus for donating

Thanks again to our dear supportive customers. We couldn’t do this without you!  

Contact bandidascommunications@gmail.com to get in touch about partnership/fundraising ideas & check out our Giving page to see what else we support.