Bandidas Against the Transmountain Pipeline Expansion


We were devastated by the news of the $4.5 billion dollar federal buyout of the Kinder Morgan Transmountain pipeline this week, and we are committed to opposing the expansion of this project.

On May 29th (the day the buyout was announced) thousands of Vancouverites showed up for a last-minute rally near Science world to voice their opposition. We attended along with our food truck, which donated 100% of the proceeds from the sales at the rally to the Stop KM Legal Defence Fund, a fund which covers legal defence costs stemming from civil disobedience in opposition to the Kinder Morgan Trans Mountain Pipeline extension. Between proceeds, additional customer donations, and tips, we were able to donate $1071. Thank you, Vancouver, for acting. If you missed the event, you can donate any time.

We do not support the Transmountain pipeline because we want to see our country take bold actions to move toward renewable resource use, and invest development dollars in projects that help to move us in that direction. As company that does have to rely on fossil fuels to conduct many aspects of our business, we live and act with hope for a better future, and are committed to invest in a world where everyone can rely less on fossil fuels and more on renewable energy. We're also committed to working in partnership with First Nations to use our resources wisely--to protect land and air and water for generations to come. We are committed to playing a leadership role in voicing this and living by these values, even in times where we’re not able to act perfectly.

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