Shane Kalyn (New art at Bandidas)

Foxes, bears, birds, mountains. Shane Kalyn first showed his work here at Bandidas back in 2015, and we’re so happy to have his stunning wildlife photography back on our walls.
Since he was here last, Shane has teamed up with The Canid Project (, a small animal welfare non-profit and will be co-leading canid-based conservation photography workshops starting in the summer of 2019.

Self-taught, Shane’s passion for photography was cultivated from his exposure to the natural world at a young age.  Studying fish & wildlife management in university, Shane now works as a fisheries technician with the Canadian government - a job he loves and that takes him to some amazing and remote corners of his home province of British Columbia.  He is a natural wanderer as well.  Never content to sit still, he has traveled to over 40 countries with no plans on stopping. 

To see more from Shane and to get in contact, visit his website here.