Rob Buten (New Art at Bandidas)

Rob Buten’s art is back on our walls, and we couldn’t be happier. We first learned of his work through his participation in our Fireweed Art Show for our inauguration day fundraiser in 2016. A bit more about the artist:

“Rob is best known for his vibrant paintings and combined use of oil, acrylic and water colour paint. His techniques involve various brushes and pallet knives to create texture and strategic layers of splattered colour. Rob derives his inspiration and influences from all forms of art.  Books of beautiful photography, biographical documentaries and vintage vinyl records provide him with a unique perspective and guide his work in new and exciting directions.  Currently, Rob's primary focus is finding the beauty in life's 'simple pleasures' and bringing this into fruition through his bright and colourful paintings. Rob currently resides in Vancouver with his wife and their lovable golden retriever. “

For more of Rob’s work and for contact info, visit .