Price Increases


As of February 13th, the prices of some Bandidas dishes are going up. Please know that we do not raise prices without serious consideration--offering affordable food is a core value of our business. We believe that fresh, healthy, and filling food needs to be reasonably priced and available to the people living in our community. When people can access nutritious food, they’ll have more space in their life to contribute to the city and community in a positive way.


There are a few reasons why we are raising the prices. The most obvious are inflation and the rising cost of produce, but we also believe in paying higher than average wages, offering extended health benefits, and investing personally in our employees. Coinciding with the price increase, every team member will be getting a raise. Your extra burrito money makes it possible for us to continue to provide higher wages for our 40+ staff members.

We’re also excited to present our Bandidas Staff Art Show this month. A great way to further support our staff is by lingering a little longer in the restaurant to check out the art. Eight of our employees are exhibiting and selling their work. We’re thrilled to host this and so proud of the extremely talented and diverse group of artists on staff.

Thank you for understanding, and we appreciate your support over the years.  

Xo, Bandidas.