Announcing: Earth Day Fundraiser and Student Art Show at Bandidas


On Earth Day, Bandidas Taqueria is hosting a student art show and community fundraiser in support of RAVEN Trust's Pull Together campaign.

Where: Bandidas Taqueria, 2781 Commercial Drive
When: April 22nd, 2017, all day / night (9:00am until 1:00am)

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As a business, we’ve tried to choose environmentally sustainable practices, and Earth Day has always been an important day for increased action on these core values. This year, we wanted to launch what we hope will become an annual initiative that grows and deepens every year. We believe that any valuable effort for environmental protection must include meaningful dialogue with or leadership from indigenous peoples. Youth participation is also essential, as it is they who we are ultimately responsible to in our pursuit of environmental stewardship, and who will ultimately be handed the task of continuing/innovating conservation.

The main pillars of our yearly  event:

  • the event will be a community fundraising effort, which means that the total donation amount will include 100% of our profits from the day’s food and drink sales, as well as additional cash or in-kind contributions from partnering individuals and businesses

  • the community fundraising effort will support indigenous communities fighting for environmental protection

  • the event will support, engage, and amplify youth voices

Earth Day 2017

This year, we're channeling our community donation toward RAVEN Trust's Pull Together initiative, which supports First Nations’ fight against the progress of the Kinder Morgan pipeline. We’ve been developing a relationship with RAVEN Trust over the past few years, and respect the work they do.


We're also working with three local elementary school classes to produce an art show that responds to Earth Day. We connected with these particular students through our Fireweed Fundraiser earlier in the year when their teacher developed a lesson plan that focused on activism through art, and brought in the classes to view and respond to the Fireweed Art Show. Seeing these classes engage with the political art inspired us to involve them more centrally in future fundraisers and art shows at Bandidas. As former teachers ourselves, we feel grateful to have the opportunity to work with students again.

Come for brunch & leave with a plant!

We’re grateful to many members of our community who are donating their time, knowledge, and resources to make this event a success. On the sidewalk throughout the day, Inside Green will be selling house plants (1pm to 3pm), Fresh Roots will be making seedlings with interested individuals and families (10am to 1pm), and Environmental Youth Alliance will have plants from their Native Plant Nursery available (10am to 1pm). Earnest Ice Cream will be scooping cones (12pm to 3pm, proceeds donated to the cause), and sidewalk music will be provided by David Morin (12pm). Habibi Caramel Princess from Intersessions will be DJing from 10pm until midnight (inside!). Salt Spring Coffee and Hoyne Brewing have donated all the coffee and beer for the day, increasing the amount we’re able to donate.

While you’re in the neighbourhood, check out Commercial Drive’s annual Earth Day Parade and Festival.

We invite other businesses and individuals to partner or donate with us. Contact Aiyana ( to get the conversation started.

Earth Day at Bandidas will always be about supporting indigenous initiatives and youth engagement. Stay tuned as this year’s event takes shape--including details about entertainment throughout the day--and join us on April 22nd for the first articulation of our vision.

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