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Bandidas Taqueria is hosting a community art show and fundraiser in response to the upcoming U.S. Inauguration Day.

Where: Bandidas Taqueria, 2781 Commercial Drive
when: January 20, 2017 / 9:00am until 1:00am


Fireweed is a vibrant plant and one of the first species to grow after a forest fire or environmental devastation. Its appearance is one of the first signs of regeneration and rebuilding. The US election results have delivered a sharp wake-up call: as a community, we need to do more to listen, speak up, and stand up for our collective rights. We want to act with our community to build hope, defend the marginalized, use our privilege to effect social change, and work towards prevention of further crises. Because we want to focus on regrowth rather than despair, we've dubbed the event "fireweed."


Bandidas will donate 100% of the profits from the sale of food and drinks on January 20th to a variety of organizations which serve people and environments most vulnerable to policy changes that are likely to result from a Trump presidency. Businesses interested in donating with us should contact Aiyana at

art show

Dozens of local visual artists will be displaying pieces that respond to the U.S. election. The art will hang for a month after the event. Artists interested in creating and hanging a piece should contact Aiyana at

Where are the Funds going?

We've chosen about 10 organizations we'd like to support (including ACLU, NAACP, Planned Parenthood, and League of Conservation Voters, among others), and we're looking to our community to help us choose. Leading up to the 20th, we'll be inviting Bandidas customers to add to list and cast votes for which organizations they'd like to see funded. We'll distribute the money proportionately to the top 10 organizations.

What to expect at Bandidas on January 20th

Expect a line-up! Don't worry, Hardbite Potato Chips has donated plenty of snacks to make sure you don't get hangry while waiting for a table. Buskers, musicians, or performing artists are welcome to entertain the people in the line-up, and there will be chalk--let's turn our sidewalk into a community art piece! We're thrilled to have CBC Searchlight 2016 winner Desirée Dawson providing dinner music from 6pm until 8pm, and two DJs, softieshan and lil pineappel, from Intersessions spinning beats from 8pm until midnight. For dessert, there will be an Earnest Ice Cream scoop counter from 7:30pm to 9:30pm. All proceeds from ice cream sales will also be donated alongside Bandidas' profits. Takeout orders are also available throughout the day. 

 Desiree Dawson

Desiree Dawson


A huge thanks to the business that have enthusiastically joined us in our effort. The following business are all pitching in to help us raise more funds: Earnest Ice Cream, Hoyne Brewing, Main Street BrewingSalt Spring CoffeeHardbite Potato Chips, Goonhouse, and a few more anonymous folks.

We're incredibly grateful to be able to act with our community.