We use organic, vegan sugar in all of our desserts

All desserts (except the ice cream) are made by Bakery Sate, our lovely neighbours just across 12th

All prices include tax

coconut chocolate chip cake (V)  $7.75

Rich coconut cake studded with chocolate, topped with chocolate icing and coconut flakes

Chocolate Quinoa cake (GF)  $7.75

Decadent chocolate cake topped with creamy ganache

cinnamon flan (GF)  $7

A silky, cinnamon-spiced custard topped with rich caramel: our take on a traditional Mexican dessert

chocolate mint truffle (V & GF)  $2.25

Just a bite

ice cream (GF, V option)  $6

Rotating dairy and vegan options from our friends at Earnest Ice Cream

Please note: we charge a fee of $10 for any outside desserts served at Bandidas