Our cooks roll, press, and griddle corn tortillas fresh for your plate. We strive to create healthy, affordable, and fresh food.

Bandidas was built by friends and family. We started with a small budget and limited business experience; our community helped us rebuild the space while giving valuable advice and endless moral support. Bandidas is committed to giving back. We sponsor local community events, contribute to local causes, and hang the work of local artists on our walls. 

We are dedicated to making Bandidas as environmentally low-impact as we can. We use compostable packaging, only serve local beer & wine, and make you bring your own to-go coffee cups. We try to buy locally and from smaller distributors. We use free-range eggs and organic tofu, tea and coffee. We recycle. We re-use old furniture and equipment when possible rather than buying new items. We welcome you to our restaurant, and are glad you are here.